Most Extreme Player for 6/29

This week's Most Extreme Player is a no-brainer, he is the ECW World Heavyweight Champion, WWE Champion and my friend, Rob Van Dam.
Sunday at Vengeance, RVD prevailed over the number one contender Edge to retain the second most important championship around his waist, the WWE Championship.
Monday on RAW, RVD survived another match with "The Doctor of Slugonomics" (that's not a typo), John Cena.
Tuesday on ECW, RVD defeated 2-time NCAA Champion, 1995 World Freestyle Champion, 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist and 6-time sports-entertainment World Champion, Kurt Angle.
More importantly, Rob Van Dam continues to overcome the underestimation and disrespect shown to him.
At Vengeance, despite agreeing to come to a RAW pay-per-view to defend their silly little spinning belt, the WWE Championship, RVD was shown the disrespect of competing in the middle of the show. That's right. The WWE Championship was successfully defended before WWE's golden boy, John Cena vs. Sabu and before DX vs. five male cheerleaders.
The following night on RAW, WWE did see fit to have RVD's WWE Championship defense against John Cena to be the main event of the show. However, it is customary in wrestling, boxing and martial arts that the challenger enters the ring first and the champion last as a show of respect the both the champion and the championship he holds.
In spite of the animosity between ECW and WWE, at ECW One Night Stand, ECW showed then WWE Champion, John Cena the respect of coming the the ring after challenger, Rob Van Dam out. On RAW, the new WWE Champion, RVD was made to enter the ring first while challenger, John Cena entered last.
I will go on record as saying that the only reason RVD had an opportunity to compete for the WWE Championship in the first place is because he won the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania. WWE has never given RVD the respect he deserves, Rob has had to MAKE everyone respect him.
The problem is, most people don't understand Rob. While other WWE sports-entertainment superstars feel the need to get so angry that veins protrude from their head while they scream at their opponents about how angry they are, Rob Van Dam is always cool and confident. Lesser judges of character mistake RVD's easy going demeanor as a lack of intensity. The truth is, Rob is genuinely confident that he is the most gifted athlete ever to wrestle and that nobody can kick his ass. Besides, isn't it just refreshing to see someone simply carry himself differently from everybody else?
Apparently, ECW and WWE fans agree with me because from the day he debuted in WWE, whether he is wrestling the opening match or the main event, Rob Van Dam always gets one of the loudest fan friendly reactions of the night. In fact, more discriminating ECW fans feel that seeing RVD wrestle is worth the price of a ticket alone, thus the nickname of this weeks M.E.P, "The Whole F'N Show".

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