Most Extreme Player for 6/15

Effective with the world premiere of ECW on Sci Fi, has asked me to choose a weekly ECW MVP (Most Valuable Player) or, in my words, an ECW MEP (Most Extreme Player).

This week's ECW M.E.P. is without question The Zombie. The Zombie's riveting entrance, intensity and pre-match interview embodied everything I have come to expect from sports-entertainment.

The Zombie immediately made this lifelong wrestling fan conjure up images of such other sports-entertainment greats as Max Moon, The Goon and The Gobbledygooker.

Unfortunately, former 5-time ECW World Heavyweight Champion, The Sandman, did not find The Zombie nearly as entertaining as did I and summarily caned the undead sports-entertainer repeatedly before quickly pinning The Zombie after his signature White Russian Leg Sweep.

Runner-up honors go to new ECW "exhibitionist", Kelly, who I deemed ineligible when she failed to unhook her bra.

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