Most Extreme Player for 12/14/06

This week's MEP is Tommy Dreamer. At December to Dismember, Tommy was damn near driven through the steel stage by The Great Khali. Then last week, Dreamer was chokeslammed again on a steel chair by the giant after Dreamer made quick work of Daivari.

This week, Dreamer proved to new ECW fans what original ECW fans already knew: that he is without fear. Tommy challenged the 7'4" 420-pound monster to a one-on-one wrestling match. Instead, Dreamer was jumped and Daivari was able to score another win over the ECW Original. Dreamer was also chokeslammed by The Great Khali, this time on the arena floor.

There is no doubt in my mind that Dreamer will again call out The Great Khali and by virtue of his limitless courage, Tommy Dreamer is this week's MEP.


Hardcore Hangover

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