Most Extreme Player for 12/06/06

It turned out to be prophetic that last week's MEP was Paul Heyman. I devoted my entire column, to the man (love him or hate him, and I have done both) who was the visionary behind the original ECW, the wrestling promotion that changed the entire sports-entertainment industry. Read last week's MEP. 

This week's MEP is our new ECW World Champion Lashley. After defeating Big Show at the December to Dismember inside the first-ever weapons-filled Extreme Elimination Chamber, some ECW fans may have doubted the legitimacy of Lashley because he did not win his title in a traditional one-on-one wrestling match. However, this week, in a good old-fashioned singles encounter, Lashley cemented his place in sports-entertainment history by bodyslamming and then pinning the former ECW World Champion, the 500-plus pound Big Show.


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