Most Extreme Player for 11/23/06

This week's Most Extreme Player is none other than (everybody please point with their thumbs and say it with me) Rob...Van...Dam!

With less than two weeks until the Extreme Elimination Chamber at ECW's December to Dismember, RVD was once again in a position to see his ECW World Title dreams die thanks to Paul Heyman. The self proclaimed "martyr and messiah of ECW," Paul Heyman told RVD that if he lost his Extreme Rules matchup with Hardcore Holly, that Holly would take RVD's spot in the Extreme Elimination Chamber which is for the ECW World Title.

Despite withstanding a brutal beating at the hand of the Mobile, Alabama, native, the most popular wrestler in the history of ECW used his 5 Star Frog Splash on a steel chair to beat back Hardcore Holly and keep his ECW World Title dreams alive. For that reason, RVD is this week's MEP.

Other Extreme Musings...

Although working at the Nassau Coliseum on Long Island is not as glamorous as working at Manhattan's Madison Square Garden, calling last night's ECW was one more of those things I needed to cross off my personal list of things to accomplish before I retire from wrestling.

What is so special about the Nassau Coliseum you ask? Right across the street from the Coliseum is my alma mater, Hofstra University (or the Harvard of Hempstead as we Pride alumni sometimes call it). I chose Hofstra because they had a program in television journalism and, equally as important, Hofstra was close to the offices of Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine or PWI.

My master plan was to intern at PWI, make inroads into the wrestling industry and one day perform for WWE. Thanks to Hofstra's Sports Information Director, Jim Sheehan, I did get the internship working at PWI. Every time WWE came to the Nassau Coliseum, I would be up in the cheap seats dreaming of one day calling the action from ringside. A mere thirteen years after my graduation from Hofstra, last night I called ECW live from the Nassau Coliseum after taking a misty eyed drive through the gorgeous campus of my alma mater which I believe is also the only recognized arboretum on Long Island.

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