Most Extreme Player for 11/16/07

Most Extreme Player for 11/16/07

Until the dust settles from Sunday's Survivor Series, I thought I would deviate from my standard methods of naming my Most Extreme Player to make public a priceless story that sounds too good to be true.

This week's MEP is my broadcast colleague and travel partner, Tazz. In the original ECW, Tazz was known as the "one man crime spree." Now, I like to call Tazz the one man reality show." 

Last week, Tazz and I flew from New York to Los Angeles and back. While at LAX for our return flight, Tazz and I were heading to get something to eat before our cross country flight back to the right coast. Out of nowhere, a woman walks in front of us and almost gets trampled by the former Human Suplex Machine and two-time ECW Champion.

Unfazed, Tazz shoots the very attractive woman a dirty look and heads for the restaurant. As always, I am left to apologize for my always-angry friend when I realize that I am now face-to-face with none other than Jane Seymour! I catch up with Tazz and tell him who he almost ran over and he shoots back, "Who?" I replied, "You know, Jane Seymour, the famous actress who just got eliminated from Dancing with the Stars." Without even looking at me, Tazz says angrily, "She walks about as good as she dances, I guess. She almost became just another victim." 

To make matters worse, less than an hour later, we were waiting to board our plane. As I have documented here previously, Tazz must always be the first passenger to board the aircraft. Why? I have no idea. It's just one of the many entertaining facets of traveling with the orange and black attack.

Anyway, on this evening there is one gentleman in line ahead of Tazz. I can tell that Tazz is seething and considering locking on the Tazzmission. Trying to calm him down, I tell him that the soon-to-be unsuspecting rag doll in front of him is none other than John Stamos, former star of Full House and current star of ER. Without blinking an eye or even looking back at me, Tazz continues to stare down the former Uncle Jesse and sneers, "He's lucky he doesn't spend tonight in a real ER."

Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you, Tazz. Beat him if you can, survive the flight if he lets you!

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