Most Extreme Player for 11/16/06

This week's MEP is without question, Lashley.
The Father of ECW (cough), Paul Heyman was planning to make his Kool-Aid drinking henchman, Hardcore Holly the sixth and final combatant in the first ever Extreme Elimination Chamber, joining his other hand picked heavy hitters, Test and the ECW World Champion Big Show.
However, Heyman made the mistake of assuming that nobody from Raw or SmackDown would accept his disingenuous open challenge to sign the open contract for ECW's December to Dismember. The former United States Champion and genetic wonder, Lashley ambushed Holly, speared the 500-plus pound Big Show and, by virtue of his John Hancock, became a challenger for the ECW World Title and a full time ECW Extremist.
Now, the six men who will compete for the ECW World Title at ECW's December to Dismember are the reigning champion, Big Show, Rob Van Dam, Sabu, CM Punk, Test and Lashley. Lashley is gambling big that leaving SmackDown for ECW will result in his first World Title...five other Extremists want to make sure Lashley wins no such jackpot on Dec. 3.
As dictated to me by several ECW Extremists last night in Manchester, MEP runner-up honors go to WWE's European caterers. WOW...What a spread! Not only was food served until 7PM, but it was all cooked fresh and delicious! The cheese plate was so exquisite that I regretted not having brought a bottle of wine. (I may do so for WWE's next European TV tapings). The roast chicken breast and stuffing was both healthy and delectable. Not to mention the bread pudding with white chocolate sauce, warm citrus rice pudding and traditional English trifle. As soon as I finish this column, I am going to do some heavy cardio to work off whatever weight I gained in the United Kingdom.


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