Most Extreme Player for 11/09/07

Most Extreme Player for 11/09/07

This week's MEP is future WWE Hall of Famer and the only Superstar in WWE history who is 15-0 at WrestleMania, the one and only Undertaker. At 7 foot 3 inches tall and 420 pounds, The Great Khali must seem almost unbeatable to his opponents and most of the WWE locker room as well. Friday night on SmackDown, The Deadman had to find a way to defeat the Punjabi Powerhouse.

At 6 foot 11 and nearly 300 pounds, The Undertaker usually has the size and strength advantage over most of his victims. However, that would not be the case against Khali. It was unlikely that The Phenom would be able to use the Tombstone on Khali. It was questionable if The Undertaker could get Khali up high enough on the chokeslam to win the match.

In the end, The Undertaker decided to try to win by submission and used a triangle choke to do just that. Trapped and suffocating, The Great Khali had no choice but to tap out, giving The Undertaker another legacy-building victory. Coming from a lifelong wrestling fan, The Undertaker is thrilling to watch on TV and even more so in person. The privilege of watching The Phenom compete in person every week is one of the greatest benefits of living my lifelong dream as a sports-entertainment announcer.

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