Most Extreme Player for 11/09/06

This week's MEP is Hardcore Holly:
With much consternation, this week's MEP is Hardcore Holly. Holly had all of we ECW fans (I am an ECW fan before I am an announcer) fooled into thinking that he had rid himself of the stench of Paul "Judas" Heyman. Holly earned the MEP title by turning on Rob Van Dam just one week after partnering with RVD without incident.

Honestly, I can understand why Holly turned on RVD. After all, it was Rob Van Dam who suplexed Holly from the ring through a table, resulting in 24 stitches closing the wound in Holly's back which has now been scarred forever. However, what I find unfathomable is that Holly would once again accept the hand of Heyman (count your fingers, Bob) after Heyman and his muscle-bound monster, Test have had Holly in their crosshairs.

Was Heyman's attack and Holly's hatred toward Heyman all a ruse? Only Heyman and Holly know for sure and I wouldn't bet the farm (not that I own a farm) that Heyman will be sharing the truth about Holly, or anything else for that matter anytime soon.

MEP runner-up honors are shared by CM Punk and Test who both qualified for the Extreme Elimination Chamber and a chance to become ECW World Champion. Five of the six spots are now filled by The Big Show, Rob Van Dam, Sabu, CM Punk and Test. Heyman says the sixth and final spot will be filled next week by anyone who has the courage to accept an opportunity to enter the weapons filled monstrosity. Something tells me that Holly suddenly buried his differences with Heyman in exchange for a shot at the ECW World Title. Selling out for personal appropriate for Election Day.


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