Most Extreme Player for 11/02/06

This week's MEP is a tie between two Extremists:
1) Sabu

The Suicidal, Homicidal, Genocidal, Death-Defying Maniac defeated Kevin Thorn to earn one of six spots in the first-ever Extreme Elimination Chamber at ECW's December to Dismember.

While all eyes may be focused on the reigning ECW World Champion Big Show and the former champ Rob Van Dam, we all need to keep in mind that any of the six participants can win the ECW World Title and the order that the cells in the Extreme Elimination Chamber open is completely random.

What I am getting at is that Sabu, a two-time former ECW World Champion, may be the sleeper to watch on Dec. 3 to win his third ECW crown. In my not so humble opinion, Sabu would be a great standard-bearer for the reborn ECW.
2) Paul "Judas" Heyman

The self-proclaimed "martyr and Messiah of ECW" used Halloween as a backdrop to make a monkey out of Rob Van Dam, and his costumed sneak attack on RVD drove the great ECW fans in Milwaukee absolutely bananas (I am now out of monkey jokes).

I still can't believe that the mad scientist who fathered ECW has turned his back on the ECW Originals and with them the original ECW fans who made him more than just a pink suspender-clad, cellphone-wielding sideshow.

Final thought:

I would like to thank Tazz for his Halloween gift (pictured below). After this last road trip, I'm not sure which one of us wanted to use it more.


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