Most Extreme Player for 10/26/06

For the second consecutive week, my fellow ECW Original, Rob Van Dam is ECW's MEP. Despite being given another hurdle to clear by Paul "Judas" Heyman, RVD once again perservered and once again defeated Heyman's accomplice in stealing RVD's ECW World Title, Big Show.
According to Heyman, RVD should have earned his championship rematch from the July 4 South Philly Screwjob when he pinned the seemingly unbeatable Big Show last week. Instead, Heyman drove another nail into the crucifixion of his friendship with RVD (Heyman's words, not mine) by hanging Rob's championship contract above the ring, giving Heyman's hand-picked champion and "long term investment" Big Show an opportunity to retrieve the contract, and tear it up along with RVD's championship dreams.
As I pointed out last week, RVD - the most popular athlete in the new ECW and arguably the most popular in the original ECW - proved that Big Show, while monstrous, gargantuan and enormous, is not unbeatable. Back on July 4, then reigning ECW World Champion Rob Van Dam had Big Show beat with the Five Star Frog Splash.
Rob now has the opportunity to choose the time and place for his ECW World Title match against the Extreme Giant. Rob Van Dam has stated that the ECW World Title means more to him than any other championship he has ever held, including the WWE Championship. Rob Van Dam deserved to be the ECW World Champion and I think I may speak for the ECW faithful when I say that Rob Van Dam, an ECW Original, is the man we want as our standard bearer.

I look forward to finally calling the match that sees Rob Van Dam win the ECW World Title.


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