Most Extreme Player for 10/19/06

This week's MEP is the man who ended Big Show's ECW undefeated streak (for all of you internet fact finders, I am referring to losses by pinfall or submission, not countouts or disqualifications), the former and rightful ECW World Champion, Rob Van Dam.
RVD, the most popular athlete in the new ECW and arguably the most popular in the original ECW, proved that Big Show, while monstrous, gargantuan and enormous, is not unbeatable. In fact, back on July 4, the night of the infamous South Philly Screwjob, then reigning ECW World Champion, Rob Van Dam, had Big Show beat with the Five Star Frog Splash. Paul Heyman then betrayed RVD and annointed Big Show his new ECW World Champion and "long term investment". However, if you go back and watch the footage, you will see that RVD had Big Show beat. Unfortunately, you cannot watch the footage here on because the archives start the week after the South Philly Screwjob, thanks to the self-proclaimed "Father of ECW" Paul "Judas" Heyman.
The fact is, by virtue of his victory, Rob Van Dam will now get a title match against the ECW World Champion Big Show. I, along with millions of original and new ECW fans around the world will be rooting for RVD to once again win the title which is rightfully his, the title that he says means more to RVD than any other. After all, is there anyone in all of wrestling who represents the new ECW any better than R-V-D?
Speaking of which, Rob Van Dam may be the most decorated champion in wrestling history in terms of the number of championships he has won. Take a look at this list:
- ECW World Champion
- ECW Television Champion
- 2-time ECW Tag Team Champion
- WWE Champion
- 6-time WWE Intercontinental Champion
- 2-time WWE World Tag Team Champion
- WWE Tag Team Champion
- WWE European Champion
- 4-time WWE Hardcore Champion
*Unified the Intercontinental Championship with the Hardcore and European Championships.
*Held the WWE and ECW World Championships simultaneously.
After Rob wins back his ECW World Title, maybe he can invite Chris Benoit back home to ECW and win the United States Championship, just to make it a clean sweep.


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