Most Extreme Player for 10/12/06

This week's MEP is my fellow ECW Original and friend, Tommy Dreamer. Since coming out of retirement and leaving his office job at WWE World Headquarters in order to return to the rings of the reborn ECW, the former ECW Tag Team Champion and ECW World Champion (he beat Tazz for the gold for the record...and survived), has had trouble getting out of the starting blocks.
However, for the last month, the new ECW fans have connected with Tommy Dreamer and joined the Original ECW fans in showering Dreamer with chants of "Thank you, Tommy" after all of his matches at both televised and non-televised events around the country.
As the love, respect and support of the ECW fans was always Tommy's greatest weapon against his opponents, it came as no surprise to me that Tommy ended the undefeated streak of the fanged freak, Kevin Thorn this week. Now that the new ECW fanbase has taken to Tommy the same way that the Original ECW fanbase did, there are no limits as to what Dreamer can achieve in the new ECW.
Lord of the Flies...
When Tazz and I boarded our 6:02 a.m. flight from Wichita, Kans. en route home to the Big Apple, we walked onto a regional jet from the tarmac, without using a Jetway. Apparently, October Dawn in Wichita is when tiny flies swarm innocent people...and then follow them aboard airplanes! Hundreds of disgusting little flies accompanied, Tazz, myself and many other WWE and ECW staffers to Chicago making for a disgusting two hours.
During the middle of this swarm, the flight attendant asked Tazz if he would care for anything, he replied, "Yeah, a water please...and a fly swatter." With a deer caught in the headlights look in her eyes, the young lady smiled and asked Tazz, "You look like you're from here in Wichita. What kind of bugs are these?"
Tazz looks like he is from Wichita, Kans.!? Hey sweetheart, where are you from, Mars?
I would have swallowed every single friggin' fly on that plane just to see Tazz choke out that woman right then and there.
By the way, MapQuest still sucks.


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