Most Extreme Player for 10/05/07

Most Extreme Player for 10/05/07

This week's MEP is once again the 500 pound mastodon, Big Daddy V.

After surviving a Fatal Four Way, a Triple Threat Match and then defeating Elijah Burke, it seemed that Tommy Dreamer had earned a championship opportunity. However, the ECW Original's emotional celebration was abruptly halted when ECW General Manager Armando Estrada smugly informed Dreamer that there was a last-minute entry in the Elimination Chase to No Mercy for the ECW Championship... Big Daddy V.

Exhausted after dispatching Burke, Tommy was no match for the gargantuan. With Dreamer screwed out of his championship match, No Mercy this Sunday will see ECW Champion CM Punk defend against the mammoth Big Daddy V. I have called every ECW Championship change since the inception of the title and I believe I will be calling one more on Sunday.

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