Most Extreme Player for 9/14/06

First of all, words cannot describe what it felt like to debut at the worlds famous arena, Madison Square Garden. As a fan, many times throughout my life, I sat on the other side of the guard rail watching Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus, The Knicks, The Rangers, Big East Basketball and of course, WWE.
After 13 years in and around the pro wrestling business,  being able to perform at MSG was as important to me as losing my WrestleMania virginity last April and appearing on NBC for Saturday Night's Main Event last July.
The list of things I want to achieve before I can call it a career is getting smaller. The items that remain on the list will remain confidential until I cross them all off.
After taking time to come back down to Earth after ECW's Madison Suare Garden debut, it was time to take into account all of the following historic debuts when deciding on this week's MEP:
Making their in-ring ECW debuts:
Rene Dupree
Shannon Moore
Making their official Madison Square Garden debuts:
Yours truly (I am not eligible to be my own MEP)
CM Punk
Balls Mahoney
Making their unofficial first appearances at Madison Square Garden:
Mike Knox
The Sandman
Kelly Kelly
Kevin Thorn
After long and careful deliberation, I have decided to name CM Punk this week's MEP. From where I was sitting at ringside, The "King of Chicago" received the loudest MSG reaction of any Extremist (Original or otherwise) and could have renamed himself, "The King of New York" as well. In addition, CM Punk remained undefeated in ECW by making Shannon Moore the latest victim of The Anaconda Vise. I see no reason that CM Punk will not one day be the ECW World Champion. 

On a seperate note, in his WWE blog at, Jim Ross wrote the following:
After watching ECW Tuesday night on Sci Fi, it strikes me that the ECW boys may be having a few too many Hardcore Rules matches on their TV shows. If you have one every week, they cease being special.
While I agree with changing the rules of the new ECW so that every match is not contested under Extreme Rules as they were in the Original ECW, I must very respectfully disagree with JR's assesment that the new ECW should not have at least one Extreme Rules match every week. Without that single Extreme Rules match, I'm not sure what would make ECW any more Extreme than RAW or SmackDown. Taking into account the weekly guests we have from both RAW and SmackDown, without Extreme Rules, we would indistinguishable from WWE's two other brands and should be renamed WWE Tuesday Night RawDown!
I would like to suggest that while Extreme Rules is still defined as anything goes, why not make ECW's standard rules more Extreme than WWE's standard rules. For example, in a standard ECW match:
The only ways to be disqualified would be the use of weapons and outside interference. Choking, eye-gouging, biting, low-blows, etc. would all be legal.
I also think that every ECW World Title match should be contested under Extreme Rules. If the ECW World Champion not extreme enough to defend the championship under those conditions every time he steps into the ring, then that champion is not extreme enough to represent ECW and should wrestle for RAW or SmackDown.

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