Most Extreme Player for 9/7/07

Most Extreme Player for 9/7/07
How could this week's Most Extreme Player be anyone but the new Extreme Championship Wrestling Champion, CM Punk?
Since Vengeance: Night of Champions, John Morrison felt that CM Punk and his championship aspirations were behind him. Unfortunately for the self-proclaimed Shaman of Sexy, no matter how many times Morrison turned back Punk, the Straightedge Superstar always earned another title match.
As the number of Morrison's successful championship defenses grew, so did his overwhelming ego. In fact, Morrison seemed to take CM Punk less seriously with each championship challenge. In fact, right before their match this past Tuesday, Morrison dismissed Punk as a serious threat yet again and went so far as to say he would be the ECW Champion forever.
Conversely, Punk stayed quietly confident and never doubted himself as championship caliber. In the end, Punk exploited Morrison's hubris and found a way to win. CM Punk's name will now live forever in wrestling history. CM Punk, ECW Champion.

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