Most Extreme Player for 8/17/06

This week's MEP was an easy choice; none other than ECW's Evel Knievel, Sabu. On Tuesday night, reigning ECW World Champion Big Show decided he was going to make a statement by interrupting the No. 1 Contender Ladder Match between Sabu and Rob Van Dam. The 7-foot, 500-pound behemoth's plan was to retrieve the championship SummerSlam contract himself, thus voiding the Ladder Match as no contest.

However, moments after toppling former ECW World Champion Rob Van Dam as he was inches (or centimeters for our international fans) from grasping the contract, Big Show found Sabu flying towards his massive head. Big Show had the power to catch Sabu in mid-air but failed to realize that Sabu's momentum sent them both backwards, directly underneath the championship SummerSlam contract, which Sabu then retrieved.

Therefore, in a historic match this Sunday, the ECW World Title will be defended for the first time at WWE SummerSlam as Sabu looks to dethrone Big Show and become a three-time ECW World Champion.

Let's not forget that Kurt Angle was shackled with a questionable at best medical suspension by Paul Heyman and removed from last Tuesday's Ladder Match to determine who would face Heyman's hand-picked champion this Sunday.

Lastly, the former ECW World Champion, Rob Van Dam, who had The Big Show beat but was screwed out of his ECW World Title on July 4, was screwed again, this time by  Big Show as RVD was about to retrieve the championship SummerSlam contract.

As an ECW fan first and an ECW announcer second, I would love for Kurt Angle and Rob Van Dam to return the favor to Paul Heyman and Big Show respectively by crashing the Biggest Party of the Summer this Sunday and interjecting themselves into ECW's only match at WWE's SummerSlam.

After all, the original ECW was about breaking the rules of sports-entertainment set by WWE…so why should the new ECW be any different?

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