Most Extreme Player for 7/27/07

Most Extreme Player for 7/27/07
This week's MEP is Stevie Richards by virtue of scoring an upset victory against Kevin Thorn. My friend Stevie has been very slow getting out of the blocks since the rebirth of ECW but now finds himself to be a major point of focus as the result of Tuesday's stunning victory.
I have always felt that Stevie was extremely underrated (pun intended) and always close to breaking through to the next level in his career. Stevie's highest profile match was 10 years ago when he wrestled in the semi main event of ECW's first pay-per-view, Barely Legal, in a Three Way Dance against Sandman and Terry Funk to see who would challenge Raven for the ECW Championship. Stevie soon left for more money in WCW, returned for a couple of matches in ECW and then signed with WWE where he has competed since. Stevie never did seem to recapture the success he enjoyed with ECW back in 1997, but I always felt that he had the talent to do so.
I whole heartedly hope that Stevie's surprise win is the beginning of a long winning streak. Congratulations, Stevie!

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