Most Extreme Player for 7/27/06

This week’s MEP is none other than the 300-plus pound “Chair Swinging Freak,” Balls Mahoney.
After weeks of promos featuring Balls explaining to television viewers worldwide why he is who he is, it was finally time for Balls’ first singles match on the new ECW’s weekly TV show.
As promised, the native of Nutley, New Jersey was “balls to the wall” throughout the match. As a result, Justin Credible spent most of the match with Balls in his face.
Despite Justin Credible whacking Balls with a spinning DDT and a picture-perfect Northern Lights Suplex with a bridge, Mahoney refused to have his shoulders pinned to the canvas…and Balls kept coming.
Keeping in mind Mahoney’s hygiene (or lack thereof) and the heat generated by the hot lights above the ring, Justin Credible deserves MEP runner-up honors simply for spending most of the match smothered by sweaty Balls.
In the end, the “Chair Swinging Freak” earned his nickname by forgetting that the new ECW does not feature Extreme Rules in every match and KO’ing Justin Credible with a steel chair in plain sight of referee Mike Posey.
Posey had no choice but to disqualify Mahoney, and to nobody’s surprise, Balls also KO’d Posey using the very same chair that caused the disqualification.
For making the most of finally having the opportunity to perform in front of three million television viewers in the United States and many more worldwide, this week’s Most Extreme Player is Balls Mahoney, an ECW Original.

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