Most Extreme Player for 7/20/06

This week’s MEP is the Phenom and future WWE Hall of Famer, Undertaker. Just days after falling prey to a gigantic double chokeslam at the gargantuan hands of Big Show and The Great Khali on Saturday Night’s Main Event, the Deadman accepted the challenge of the ECW Champion and made his ECW debut on Tuesday night knowing that regardless of the outcome, he would have to face Khali again this Sunday at The Great American Bash.
This WrestleMania-quality main event saw Undertaker empty his arsenal in an attempt to take the ECW World Title away from the 7-foot, 507-pound champion, doing everything from trading punches to going Old School and even attempting a leg-lock submission hold. It was anyone’s match as Undertaker turned his back on Big Show to meet Khali in the aisle. Despite Undertaker’s attempt to use a steel chair to slay the two giants, in the end the Phenom was again double chokeslammed, this time through the ECW announcers’ table.
On a personal note, this was my first time calling one of Undertaker’s matches and I actually had goose bumps during the Phenom’s entrance. It’s great to know that after all of these years in the business, the little kid in me who first became a fan is still with me.
On the lighter side, I am awarding the MEP runner-up spot to….myself, for spending four days in Texas with Tazz!
Saturday Night’s Main Event was in Dallas and Tuesday’s ECW was in Corpus Christi, so my old friend and new announcing partner Tazz decided to stay in Texas the entire time. Rather than fly home between shows, we drove together from Dallas to Corpus Christi.
I would suggest that if the United States has any difficulty obtaining sensitive information from enemy combatants at Club Gitmo, they should simply send Tazz into a cell to interrogate them. After the torturous six-hour drive with Tazz across the 105 degree Lone Star State, I would have confessed to anything to get out of that car, including but not limited to…
-being the second gunman in the Dallas assassination of JFK.
-knowing the whereabouts of Jimmy Hoffa (he’s buried under the ECW Arena in South Philadelphia).
-holding Julius Caesar while Brutus (Marcus Junius, not Beefcake) shanked him!
On a personal note, I was glad that Sabu used a diving chair through a table to defeat Stevie Richards on Saturday Night’s Main Event so I could deliver my trademark “Oh My God!” scream on NBC…but the truth is, I would have done it even if Sabu won with a headlock submission.
Now that I have screamed “Oh My God!” on Monday Night RAW, WrestleMania and NBC’s Saturday Night’s Main Event, I am running out of things to accomplish on my announcing career checklist. I will hold off on revealing the remaining items for a future column.
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