Most Extreme Player for 7/06/07

Most Extreme Player for 7/06/07

This week's MEP is former ECW World Champion and new No. 1 contender for the WWE Championship, Bobby Lashley. On Raw, the former United States Army sergeant won the Beat the Clock competition, besting the times of Randy Orton, Mr. Kennedy and King Booker.

In the closing moments of Lashley's match, his opponent, Shelton Benjamin, could have simply evaded Lashley for less than 30 seconds rather than ascending the turnbuckles and looking to pin the powerhouse. King Booker then would have been the winner of the competition and by virtue of his ring-kissing agreement, Benjamin would have received the first opportunity at King Booker's WWE Championship if (and that's a huge if), his majesty had gone on to defeat John Cena for the championship at The Great American Bash.

Instead, Benjamin was met in midair by Lashley's explosive spear. Just like that, Lashley was challenging John Cena for the WWE Championship at the Bash. Moments after the contract was signed, Lashley gave Cena a taste of what The Champ is in for by damn-near cutting him in half with another laser-like spear.

As a lifelong WWE fan, I am excited about the fact that I will have a ringside seat for Lashley vs. Cena at The Great American Bash.

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