Most Extreme Player for 7/6/06

Obviously, this week’s Most Extreme Player is not my bud Rob Van Dam. On two consecutive nights, RVD saw both his WWE and ECW Championship reigns go up in smoke. Considering that both losses took place in the same arena, Philadelphia’s Wachovia Center, you can bet the Rob Van Dam was happy to be rid of that joint…at least for now.

Regardless of the fact that he had an assist from The Extreme Judas, Paul Heyman, Big Show is this week’s Most Extreme Player by virtue of the fact that he is now the first wrestler ever to win all three of the most important singles titles in pro wrestling history: the ECW, WWE and WCW World Championships.
As an alumnus of the original ECW, at heart I would certainly prefer to see a fellow original such as RVD, Sabu or The Sandman as the standard bearer for the new ECW. Who knows; perhaps Tommy Dreamer’s obsession with challenging the 7-foot, 507 pound behemoth will result in a second ECW World Championship reign for The Innovator of Violence.
A consolation for Big Show not being part of the original ECW is that now having him as our World Champion allows us ECW Extremists and ECW fans to obnoxiously tell RAW, SmackDown and all other pro wrestling fans that our champion can kick your champion’s ass! It is the same feeling of pride we had when my ECW announcing partner, Tazz, was ECW World Heavyweight Champion.
I do think the fact that Rob Van Dam had Big Show defeated before that duplicitous, deceitful and disingenuous reptile, Paul Heyman screwed RVD means that Big Show must sooner rather than later, definitively defeat RVD in a rematch to wash away the stench of the now infamous South Philly Screwjob.
Other Extreme observations for the week:
-Kelly may be an exhibitionist but it is obvious that she never worked as a dancer in a “gentleman’s club”…which is a good thing.
-Mike Knox’s jealous anger resulting from his girlfriend Kelly being an exhibitionist may be what ultimately makes Knox successful as an ECW Extremist.
-Guido is most effective as one half of the Full Blooded Italians or competing against other men who are his size. If I were a cruiserweight, you couldn’t pay me to wrestle a heavyweight.
-I am tired of that whack job who thinks he’s a Vampire stalking ECW and interrupting my announcing. Come on in and get a closer look, you fanged freak!
-Speaking of freaks, this week The Sandman caned another weirdo, specifically some holy roller. Sooner or later, I would like The Extreme Icon to show the world why he is a former 5-time ECW World Champion and wrestle a competitive match against a legitimate opponent under Extreme Rules. Watching The Sandman drag his opponent around an arena and beating him with everything he can get his hands on is a guilty pleasure I have not experienced in a long time.
Until next week, here’s hoping Heyman has a damned good explanation for his actions this past Tuesday. If he doesn’t, I will lead the charge to hang him; first in effigy and then in Minneapolis.

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