Most Extreme Player for 6/08/07

Most Extreme Player for 6/08/07

How could this week's MEP be anyone but the WWE Champion John Cena?

Cena did what nobody else had done not once, but twice, in the span of two days. At both One Night Stand and then the following night on Raw, the tough-as-nails Cena pinned the massive shoulders of the 7-foot-3 420-pound Great Khali. What makes both of these unprecedented pinfall victories even more impressive (if that's possible) is that both victories were the results of the WWE Champion's display of almost Herculean strength in hoisting up the gargantuan Khali.

After seeing Cena meet and overcome the behemoth's challenge, I am not sure that anyone can take the title from Cena in the foreseeable future.

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