Most Extreme Player for 5/25/07

Most Extreme Player for 5/25/07

This week's MEP is the longest-reigning Cruiserweight Champion in history, the one and only, Gregory Helms.

I called Gregory the day I heard he needed neck surgery to wish him well, and let him know how much I would miss seeing him every Tuesday. I especially wanted Gregory to know that it was his sense of humor that I would miss the most over the next year while he was recuperating from his very serious surgery. Although it is a side of him that our fans have not seen since he was The Hurricane, Gregory's ability to make people laugh is second to none and a true gift.
This past Tuesday morning, I was in my hotel room about to leave for the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines when I received a text message from a recuperating Gregory Helms. It read simply, "Give me a call in my hospital room," and then listed the phone number. I immediately dialed the number only to be greeted by a mature phone chat service that my wife is going to be shocked and horrified to see on our phone bill next month! (The fact that I stayed on the line for 90 minutes will be even more difficult to explain.)

For keeping his one of a kind sense of humor after a most serious neck surgery, my friend Gregory Helms in this week's Most Extreme Player. Get well soon, pal.

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