Most Extreme Player for 4/27/07

Most Extreme Player for 4/27/07

This week's MEP is Shawn Michaels.

On Raw, The Heartbreak Kid and WWE Champion John Cena had a WrestleMania Rematch that was as good -- or maybe even better -- than their first meeting. With Backlash this Sunday, Michaels proved to Cena that he was indeed capable of pinning his shoulders to the canvas.

The first question is can Michaels beat Cena with the WWE Championship on the line? The second question is did this epic battle take so much out of Michaels and Cena that either one or both of them can be more easily downed by Randy Orton and Edge? Keep in mind, the former Rated-RKO teammates wound up having Monday night off because Michaels and Cena wrestled a classic for nearly a full hour.

The odds never favor the champion in a Fatal Four Way because the champion does not have to be pinned or submit in order to lose his championship. Is time running out on Cena's WWE Championship reign? We'll find out this Sunday at Backlash.

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