Most Extreme Player for 4/6/07

Most Extreme Player for 4/6/07

As this week's MEP eligibility period includes the record setting spectacle that was Wrestlemania 23, I have to award the honors to WWE Champion John Cena.

In front of more than 80,000 fans at Ford Field, Shawn Michaels wrestled a near perfect match, even escaping the STFU once by reaching the ropes. However, in the closing moments of the match, The Showstopper missed a kick and Cena capitalized on Michaels' body position to again lock on the STFU, this time in the center of the ring.

As was the case at last year's WrestleMania when, fellow DX member Triple H was in the same position, HBK had no choice but to tap out. In the end, Cena had laid another brick in the foundation of his young and growing legacy by scoring another victory over another future WWE Hall of Famer.

Speaking of Hall of Famers, I would like to take this opportunity to send a very public congratulations to my broadcast colleagues, Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross, who were both inducted last weekend. JR has been an invaluable help to me in learning the unique WWE style of play-by-play, and I was thrilled to see him become the first play-by-play announcer inducted into the Hall of Fame. Boomer Sooners! (That just doesn't sound the same coming from an Italian kid from Connecticut.)

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