Most Extreme Player for 2/22/07

Most Extreme Player for 2/22/07

This week's MEP honors are shared once again.

First, Rob Van Dam gets his share of the glory by virtue of his convincing win over New Breed member Kevin Thorn. I love watching Rob wrestle; I always have and I always will. No matter how many times I see "Mr. Tuesday Night" display his freakish flexibility by kicking his opponents in the head from any and all angles, I am always left marveling at just what a unique athlete RVD is. Van Dam's victory over Thorn was a victory for all of the ECW Originals, including me.

My humble opinion is as follows on this subject. The New Breed is without question younger, stronger and faster than the ECW Originals - with the possible exception of RVD, who doesn't seem to be aging. However, Matt Striker, Kevin Thorn, Elijah Burke and Marcus Cor Von insist on either using weapons or interfering in each others' matches to steal victories from the Originals. So, why not just make weapons (and everything else) legal and have a gigantic Extreme Rules tag team match? I would pay to see that.

The second half of the MEP honors go once again to our ECW World Champion, Bobby Lashley. Week after week, Bobby proves himself to be a fighting champion who steamrolls any and all contenders. This week, Lashley found himself in a Triple Threat Match with challengers, Hardcore Holly and Mr. Kennedy…Kennedy.

The rules of a Triple Threat stipulate that the first competitor to score a pinfall or submission wins the match and the championship, whether or not that victory is actually scored on the reigning champion. Therefore, the odds are never in the champ's favor in a Triple Threat Match. Regardless, after Mr. Kennedy mistakenly crowned Hardcore Holly with a steel chair, Lashley made up for the fact that he was disqualified against Kennedy at No Way Out by scoring a decisive pinfall victory, thus retaining the ECW World Title.

Tazz said as we went off the air that in his opinion, Bobby Lashley was the most dominant of the three WWE World Champions and, in what is a rare instance, I agree wholeheartedly with my broadcast partner.

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