Most Extreme Player for 2/08/08

Most Extreme Player for 2/08/08

How can this week's MEP be anyone other than the winner of the first-ever Gulf of Mexico Match, former and possible future ECW Champion, CM Punk?

In the beautiful coastal city of Corpus Christi, Texas, less than two weeks before his ECW Championship rematch against Chavo Guerrero at No Way Out, Punk GTSed Guerrero off his feet and into the murky green waters of the gulf.

Exclusive video on WWE Mobile exposed that ECW Champion Chavo Guerrero could not swim. This reveals the false confidence of Guerrero for devising the Gulf of Mexico Match with ECW General Manager Armando Estrada in the first place. Without the help of quick-to-the-scene divers, there would have been No Way Out of the Gulf for Chavo. No Way Out ... get it?

MEP runner up honors go to Mikeska's Bar-B-Q of El Campo, Texas. Whenever Tazz and I are traveling through Texas, Tennessee, Kansas City or St. Louis, we always seek out the best barbecue we can find. Unfortunately we have not been to Oklahoma since J.R. opened his first JR's Family Bar-B-Q (

Tazz and I filled up on ribs, chicken, ham, pulled pork and more, and  the owner was not only a great smokemaster, but also a fine hunter and taxidermist as well. Can you believe that my fellow ECW Original, Tazz, charged me $5 each to take photos with his camera phone ... after I had paid for lunch?!

Chavo Guerrero had better hope that he does not end up as a championship trophy on CM Punk's wall next to John Morrison.

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