Most Extreme Player for 2/01/08

Most Extreme Player for 2/01/08

In his quest to become a WWE Superstar, young Colin Delaney had spent five weeks absorbing more punishment than a crash test dummy at the hands (and feet) of Shelton Benjamin, Big Daddy V, Mark Henry, Kane and The Great Khali.

This week, Delaney, who looked like his his fragile physique was being held together only by athletic tape, found himself in a Handicap Match against the WWE Tag Team Champions, The Miz & John Morrison. The two young egomaniacs, frustrated by their eliminations from the Royal Rumble Match, methodically abused Delaney to the point that it was uncomfortable to watch.

When it seemed that Delaney might end up seriously injured, the heart and soul of ECW Original, Tommy Dreamer, came to his aid.

Many of our fans today may not know the physical punishment that Tommy endured in the original ECW. I personally witnessed Tommy get suplexed backward off a 10-foot high stage, get thrown down a flight of aluminum bleachers and, perhaps worst of all, get smashed in the groin by a concrete cinder block. However, like Colin Delaney, an injured Tommy Dreamer showed up to battle week after week, never missing a match.

Perhaps The Miz & John Morrison are simply too arrogant to see themselves as ever being vulnerable, but when it comes to pain, Tommy can give as good as he gets. If by some chance Tommy can ignite a fire deep inside Colin Delaney, the WWE Tag Team Champions may regret their remorseless abuse of Delaney last Tuesday night.

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