Most Extreme Player for 1/18/07

Most Extreme Player for 1/18/07
This week's MEP is ECW World Champion Lashley. The odds stacked against a defending champion in a Triple Threat Match are daunting to say the least. Test or Rob Van Dam could have defeated one another and won the title without Lashley being involved at all with the decision of the match. 
Since both Lashley and RVD made it clear they respected one another and neither respected Test or felt he deserved a championship opportunity, Test was kept on the outside of the ring for most of the match. Obviously, both RVD and Lashley felt that either one of them, and not Test, deserved the be the standard bearer for ECW.
In the closing moments of the match, with both Lashley and Test down in the center of the ring, RVD launched himself from the top turnbuckle and sailed over Lashley to hit the Five-Star Frog Splash on Test. That split second decision gave Lashley the opportunity to score the pinfall on Rob Van Dam.
For somehow retaining the ECW World Title against difficult odds, Lashley is this week's Most Extreme Player.

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