Most Extreme Player for 1/11/07

Most Extreme Player for 1/11/07

This week's MEP honors are shared by two Extremists.

Tommy Dreamer repeats as MEP because Tommy had the inexplicable courage to challenge the 7' 4" 420-pound Great Khali to an Extreme Rules match, even after Khali had almost ended Tommy's career by driving him down onto the steel ringsteps two weeks ago. Tommy pledged to me before the match that regardless of the outcome, he would be standing tall in the end. With the ECW faithful in the thriving metropolis of Peoria, Ill., chanting "Thank You, Tommy," Dreamer -- the Heart and Soul of ECW -- fought his way back to his feet. As I said on TV, no matter how badly Tommy gets beaten down, the spirit of ECW burning inside him always picks him back up.

Fourteen-year WWE veteran Hardcore Holly shares half of this week's MEP honors by virtue of his pinfall victory over CM Punk. The crowd in the bustling hub of Peoria was absolutely silenced when the "Alabama Slamma" handed the straightedge Extremist his first loss on ECW on Sci Fi. It should be noted that Punk slamming shoulder-first into the steel ringpost was a lucky break for Holly, and was almost a literal break of Punk's clavicle. I am not a betting man (which is good because I would have chosen Ohio State to beat Florida), but if I were I would lay down a few bucks that we will see Holly and Punk tie up again in ECW.

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