Most Extreme Player for 1/4/07

Most Extreme Player for 1/4/07

This week's MEP is once again, ECW Original and my friend, Tommy Dreamer. This week, Tommy made it clear that he does not have a death wish by continually coming for the 7'4" 420-pound monster The Great Khali. The gargantuan Khali started this war when he attacked Tommy Dreamer at December to Dismember and violently drove Dreamer downward onto the steel stage.

Tommy Dreamer made it clear this week that he does not fear The Great Khali or any other man, regardless of how much bigger that man may be. Even if it costs him his hardcore career, Tommy said he will "go the distance" with Khali. To me, Dreamer will always epitomize extreme, and is this week's MEP.

By the way, I have spent all morning writing this column, organizing my ECW notes and doing research for the upcoming match between CM Punk and Hardcore Holly. Tazz is preparing for our next show by going on ESPN Radio and suggesting that ECW signs an Eric Mangini vs. Bill Bellicheck Flaming Steel Cage, Ladder, Barbed Wire Baseball Bat, Extreme Rules Deathmatch ... and then playing Madden Football on his XBox all day.

How do I become a color commentator?

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