WWE returns to the Event Center

WWE returns to the Event Center

For the first time in nearly 20 years, WWE has returned to its famous Event Center. The WWE Universe became accustomed to seeing Hall of Famer "Mean" Gene Okerlund providing updates about their favorite WWE Superstars on such programs as "Superstars" and "Wrestling Challenge." This past weekend, WWE's international audience was treated with a return to the Event Center for a very special 100th episode of "Vintage Collection."

"Vintage Collection" is an internationally produced series hosted by Gene Okerlund looking back at the greatest matches from yesteryear. Considering the "Vintage Collection" crew grew up on WWE programming, it came to no surprise when their head producer suggested they shoot the 100th episode in the Event Center.

Today, the Event Center is known throughout the WWE Production Studio as Edit 1. Edit 1 is used non-stop daily for Raw, NXT, AM Raw and Friday Night SmackDown. Vacating the facilities to shoot a one-hour program proved to be challenging, but nothing's impossible, especially when it's for an elite Hall of Fame announcer such as "Mean" Gene.

After shooting the landmark episode of "Vintage Collection," WWE.com had an opportunity to ask "Mean" Gene what it was like returning to his old stomping grounds.

"Seems like only yesterday, but we know better. I'm not usually the sentimental type, but doing our 100th episode of ‘Vintage Collection' brought back some great memories," Okerlund reminisced. "I worked in the Event Center doing ‘All American Wrestling,' ‘WWE Wrestling Spotlight' and updates up the wazoo."

"Working with the greats like Bobby Heenan, Hillbilly Jim, the late Gorilla Monsoon, recent Hall of Fame inductee the ‘Million Dollar Man,' the classic Lord Alfred Hayes, to name only a few," he continued. "All were my very dear, personal, long-time friends. Back then it was more ‘shootin' from the hip' and ‘flyin' by the seat of our pants.' And for this show we've selected some of the greatest matches in WWE history. It's a definite ‘Don't you dare miss it!'"

For the first time ever, WWE.com has a special clip from "Vintage Collection" featuring "Mean" Gene Okerlund returning to the Event Center (WATCH). For more Vintage moments catch "Vintage Collection" or check out WWE Classics on Demand and WWEClassics.com. Those are truly the best ways to relive your favorite WWE memories.

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