WWEClassics.com goes Extreme

WWEClassics.com goes Extreme
‘Tis the season for a massacre only found on WWEClassics.com! You're one click away from full access to some of the most extreme matches in WWE history. Each week, a different match type is highlighted beginning with the demonic Hell in a Cell. Not only will you witness your favorite Superstars go from hell and back, but three additional Steel Cage Matches are available as well. This includes one that you chose during a special WWE Universe live chat.

Have you seen all the Hell in a Cell matches? No problem! Next Monday your favorite TLC and Ladder Matches are uploaded. From a never released on DVD Ladder Match between Edge and Christian and The Hardy's to Money in the Banks, there's something for everyone. We even found a rarely-seen Ladder Match from Smokey Mountain Wrestling.

Were you concerned WWEClassics.com forgot all about WCW? Trust us, you'll get your fair share of War-Games. From the Horsemen battling in the two-ring structure to the Triple Cage Match from WCW Nitro, no stone is left un-turned.

In addition to these themed weeks, we also have battles over the WWE Hardcore Title, a Junkyard Invitation and a Scaffold Match! Plus, WWEClassics.com rounds out 2009 by featuring Joey Styles' 10 most favorite ECW moments.

It's only $3.95 a month or $39.95 a year for complete access to WWEClassics.com. This includes more than 200 full-length TV shows, 100 hours of original programming and full access to our Video Timeline featuring more than 1500 matches! Subscribe today for the most extreme month you've ever seen on WWEClassics.com!

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