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Halloween is creeping up, and the celebration of masked superstars continues! This week has added 10 new matches, including two that specially highlight the WCW cruiserweight division. Rey Mysterio leads the popular cruiserweights in a Six-Man Tag Team battle from WCW Saturday Night, and Psychosis battles Ultimo Dragon for the Cruiserweight Championship at WCW Uncensored.

Other gems this week include the Machines teaming with the masked "Hulk Machine" to take on Big John Studd, King Kong Bundy & Bobby Heenan. Then witness the Madison Square Garden debut of Mr. America on SmackDown! If rarely seen masked avengers are your thing, then you're one click away from reliving matches involving Shinobi, Max Moon, the Black Scorpion and even Captain Charisma!

Original programming takes center stage with a brand-new episode of ECW Legacy. Tommy Dreamer and Joey Styles look back at the most extreme tag teams with almost two hours of action featured. (FREE PREVIEW) Plus, has also added episodes of Monday Night Raw, Wrestling Challenge and Superstars.

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So enjoy this week's offering on, and be sure to come right back next Monday for more incredible, classic and rarely seen WWE action!

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