Be part of the Legacy

Be part of the Legacy

Throughout the history of sports-entertainment, your favorite WWE Superstars have gained legendary status in matches so memorable they've been deemed iconic. These moments, once believed impossible to re-capture, can now be relived forever on Legacy. (Watch a preview)

As the largest digital library in all of sports-entertainment, Legacy provides the WWE Universe with hundreds of hours of content that can be watched any time on a computer. Legacy also offers original programming not seen anywhere else. It's the only place where Jim Ross discusses his favorite matches from yesteryear, or where the "History of the Intercontinental Championship" chronicles every champion in their greatest matches. Want to relive your favorite Superstars' very first match? Legacy not only airs their in-ring debut, but also provides exclusive video interviews with that Superstar. 

Then, of course, there's Monday Night Raw and Wrestling Challenge. Rediscover both shows from their very first installments, with four additional episodes added each month.

And this is only the start for where Legacy is heading. In the weeks and months ahead, look forward to even more original programs, unearthed gems and exclusive content not found anywhere else.

Best of all, Legacy welcomes you to relive your sports-entertainment memories for as long as you like, for only $3.95 a month or, for an even better deal, $39.95 a year.

Don't you think it's time to become part of the Legacy? Now's your chance; sign up today.

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