A 2009 Legacy

A 2009 Legacy
WWE.com Legacy opens 2009 with its biggest month ever. All throughout January we're featuring classic Royal Rumble matches and some of the most unique battle royals ever. Scouring through the tape library, Legacy has found battle royals from WWE, WCW, AWA and SMW. (Start watching Legacy)

Every Monday in January you can expect an update with at least three battle royals, a Royal Rumble match, an episode of Raw, Wrestling Challenge and The Fink's four-part Royal Rumble retrospective special. Not only will The Fink help relive classic Royal Rumble moments, but he also provides exclusive interviews with some of the top WWE Superstars of today. (Watch classic Royal Rumble matches)

If it's Legacy originals that you're looking for, then get excited for brand-new installments of Legacy of the Intercontinental Championship, Introducing, J.R.'s Pick of the Month, My Favorite Match, and Generations. (Watch this month's videos)

Still haven't decided if Legacy is right for you? If you register for an annual subscription today you'll get access to every new video and our archives for the entire year. Legacy offers more than 1000 matches, which is equivalent to 25 cents a match! It's time to truly consider if 2009 is the year to be a part of Legacy. (Purchase an annual subscription).

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