WWE Music Twitterview with JET

WWE Music Twitterview with JET

The platinum-selling rock band JET took part in WWE Music's first-ever live "Twitterview" on Friday. 

The band's rocking tune "Rip It Up" is the Official Theme Song for WWE SummerSlam and was featured in WrestleMania XXVI: The World Television Premiere this past weekend on NBC.

JET answered questions submitted from the WWE Universe via Twitter as they gear up for their upcoming Australian tour.

Here is the transcript of WWE's "Twitter-view" with JET from Friday afternoon between @WWEMusic and @JETtheband:

@WWEMusic: Welcome @WWEUniverse to @WWEMusic's first-ever live Twitterview with Chris Cester, drummer from the 4x platinum selling rock band JET. @JETtheband's "Rip It Up" is rocking WWE airwaves as the Official Theme Song for SummerSlam, which takes place Sunday. http://ss10.wwe.com/. So go ahead and blast "Rip It Up" on your home speakers and watch this interview unfold right on your home feed! Now for the first question:

@WWEMusic: RT @Ginaleetw: #4JET Did you have any unforgettable experiences during the World tour?

@JETtheband: Playing at the Winter Olympics this year. Aside from trying to play the drums at freezing temperature...the atmosphere was bizarre. Like playing to 100 countries all at once.

@WWEMusic: RT @Patri_incumuse: #4JET Do you like to visit cities where you play? Monuments and all that stuff? If so, which is your favorite to visit?

@JETtheband: We all love Europe! The food is spectacular and it often just feels architecturally like you're in a time warp. They live right over there. Emphasis on good food and company.

@WWEMusic: RT @mrf1970: Would you consider an unplugged recorded live album like Foo Fighters 'Skin & Bones'? U have the tunes for it. #4JET

@JETtheband: Cheers. Yeah, I'd would love that challenge. The songs would need re-shaping as I don't like it when bands just play their songs the same way, but with acoustic guitars. It's boring and unimaginative.

@WWEMusic: RT @KylaCheria: @jettheband what is next for JET? #4JET

@JETtheband: Powderfinger tour in Australia...we're all looking forward to it, it'll be the most extensive Australian tour of our lives, it'll be nice to be home for once. After that...who knows? We'll make a plan during this tour I'd assume...

@WWEMusic: @WWEUniverse check out @JETTheband's upcoming tour schedule at http://jettheband.com/.

@WWEMusic: @natafilkos: What was the inspiration behind "Come Around Again"? Beautiful song. #4JET

@JETtheband: Nic and Cam wrote that one together. From memory I think they were inspired by a book they had both read. Dammit I can't remember the name of that book...

@WWEMusic: RT @Patri_incumuse: #4JET Do you have a ritual, a superstition or anything you always need to do before a gig? Explain it!

@JETtheband: We sing this song that we made up, every night, without fail. Someone new leads it each night, which adds a ridiculous flavor to an old recipe. I can't tell you all the words, but there's three, one of them is 'yep'.

@WWEMusic: RT @SeasonalTiger35: Do you see yourselves still touring and making music in the future? #4JET

@JETtheband: Of course. It's essential to my happiness. As long as it makes me happy...I'm there. 

@WWEMusic: RT @anna4oasis: #4JET What the one CD you can't live without?

@JETtheband: Rolling Stones - Goat's Head Soup

@WWEMusic: @WWEUniverse - Jet's "Start The Show" was featured in WM XXVI: The World TV Premiere. Get the song here. http://tinyurl.com/375cja2.

@WWEMusic: RT @chipa_2721: @jettheband What is your recent ideal plan for summer holiday?? #4JET

@JETtheband: A house I visit in Maui on the non four-seasons side of the island. Coconuts, beer, fish...ocean, girlfriend.

@WWEMusic: RT @trippingover: #4JET out of the four of you, who likes to cook and who cooks the best meals?

@JETtheband: I'd say Mark is the most diverse. He really goes all out and generally it's stellar. Nic got all the good recipe's from our Italian Grandmother, and Cam has his roast's down to an art...it's pretty even. I can't cook really.

@WWEMusic: RT @MegBooty: #4JET What is your favorite song to perform?

@JETtheband: At the moment, 'Holiday' from Shine On...it's a beast these days...

@WWEMusic: Great song. So it looks like we've got time for one last question. RT @MarvinBuzz: #4JET Who is your favorite WWE Wrestler.

@JETtheband: Mark, our bass player. Getting him on the ground is the ultimate challenge...I'm generally in awe of his madly adequate skills.

@WWEMusic: Special thanks to Chris from @JETTheband for spending time with us on Twitter today. Good luck on the road and keep Mark in line!

@JETtheband: Thanks to @WWEMusic for having us for their first ever Twitterview. And thanks for the questions. See you on the road.

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