WWE.com Twitterview with John Cena

WWE.com Twitterview with John Cena

John Cena has one of the largest followings of WWE Universe members on the social networking site Twitter

On Monday, he opened the floor to questions from the Cenation, in 140 characters or less.

The following is the transcript of the Twitterview held between John Cena's Twitter account and WWE's Twitter account.

WWE: OK, let's kick off WWE.com's first ever TWITTERVIEW ... @JohnCena is with us live in Lexington, Ky., at Raw. John, are you there?

CENA: Hello everyone. Hi Cenation! Let's get going!

WWE: Let's start with the questions from the 1000s submitted over the past week ....

WWE: RT @_thatboimikee: @WWEUniverse #4Cena Whats going through your mind about this 7 on 1 match next monday?

CENA: Take ALL OF THEM down!

WWE: RT @thecowmoo: #4Cena how much can you bench press?

CENA: 455 pounds.

WWE: RT @carlamorton: #4Cena your obviously dedicated and work hard, don't you ever just think "I just want to sleep for 3 weeks!" ?

CENA: No. I would get bored after 6 hours.

WWE: RT @rnmom88: #4Cena In your own opinion who is the single most annoying wrestler in the WWE ... not counting @TheNexusWWE??

CENA: It's @MikeTheMiz

WWE: RT @monsterjonathan: @JohnCena if you had to pick a Manager past or present to be in your corner, Who would it be?

CENA: Arnold Skaaland

WWE: RT @philipauer: #4cena how many hours of sleep do you usually get? and how many hours of sleep do you wish you could get?

CENA: I usually get 5 hrs. Wish I could operate on 1.

WWE: RT @cenaphan23: @johncena Mr Cena which is better Simpsons or Family Guy and which one would you do a Voice Over for??

CENA: South Park. It's much more creative than the other 2 shows.

WWE: RT @NKOTBsLover: #4Cena What is the strangest piece of merchandise that you've seen your image on?

CENA: A glow stick. It was so bad.

WWE: RT @NeverGiveIn345: if you had one day to be anything other than a WWE superstar what would it be?

CENA: A Cooler at the Double Deuce.

WWE: BTW ... "Double Deuce" is the bar from the movie "Road House" (1989) ... just an FYI

WWE: RT @Danni_Cenaschik: #4Cena what music do you like to chill out to?

CENA: Both kinds ... Country AND Western.

WWE: Another great movie line there ... time for two more questions for @JohnCena....

WWE: RT @NimeshMSagar: You have a great fleet of American muscle cars. What's the next car that you are on the prowl for?

CENA: The Patton 5 ... High Stakes ... inside joke.

WWE: Final question for @JohnCena ... again, thanks to everyone that submitted all the questions. We hope to do this again soon!

WWE: RT @miraclegirl2004: Who's Dog Tags are those that you wear around your neck?

CENA: My own. They have the name of every one of my family members on them.

WWE: Again, thanks to @JohnCena for spending time with us on Twitter tonight. Good luck tonight against @TheNexusWWE on Raw!

CENA: Thanks everyone. Thanks Cenation!

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