Christian dishes on the Stanley Cup

Intercontinental Champion Christian is a die-hard hockey fan. Learn more about his love for hockey, and who he thinks will win the Stanley Cup Finals between the Los Angeles Kings and New Jersey Devils.

Christian dishes on the Stanley Cup The Stanley Cup Finals are starting, and being the die-hard hockey fan you are, who do you think is going to kiss the Cup?

Christian: At the start of the season I always pick the (Toronto Maple) Leafs but that never seems to happen. But then I picked the St. Louis Blues to win it all, and if they didn’t win it, I said Nashville would win it. I guess I was wrong on both accounts. The Kings just look unbeatable. They’ve clicked and really hit their groove at the right time. I’m picking the Los Angeles Kings in five games. Can you talk about the impact hockey had on your childhood growing up in Canada?

Christian: Hockey was huge. When you’re born in Canada they put a hockey stick in your hand and that’s the way it is. I have such fond memories growing up, like going out on the street in the dead of winter and playing hockey with other kids in the neighborhood. We would pretend we were our favorite hockey players just like we’d pretend we were our favorite wrestlers we saw on television. Hockey and wrestling have always been my two favorite sports. During career days at school I would always say, “I haven’t decided if I am going to be a hockey player or a wrestler." At what point did you make the decision to become a WWE Superstar?

Christian: When I was in my late teens – around 17. I was still playing hockey, but when I stepped into the ring it seemed pretty natural to me and I caught on fairly quickly. You’re the Intercontinental Champion now, and you’re no stranger to winning. What does a team need to possess to win the Stanley Cup?

Christian:You can't be great at one thing, but you have to be good at everything, and that’s what I feel wins championships.

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