Vickie Guerrero suffers dual disappointments at WWE TLC

Vickie Guerrero suffers dual disappointments at WWE TLC

BALTIMORE – Everyone has “off” nights, but WWE TLC 2011 easily represented one of the worst evenings in Vickie Guerrero’s esteemed professional career. Not only did Dolph Ziggler lose the vaunted United States Championship to Zack Ryder – a defeat that delivered a crushing blow to the showoff’s ego – but a bout arranged by SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long saw her other client, Jack Swagger, fall victim to Sheamus’ feared Brogue Kick.

Understandably, WWE’s resident cougar wasn’t in the best of moods when caught up with her moments after The All-American American’s humiliating loss to The Great White. Despite her discontent, however, Vickie just couldn’t resist the opportunity to sound off ... and make us consider adding ear plugs to our holiday wish lists.

“It wasn’t just a bad night. It was a pathetic night!” Vickie hissed. “First of all, we were treated wrongly by Teddy Long. I mean, scheduling Jack in a match against Sheamus? How unfair is that? He didn’t even come to me to ask for my permission first! What kind of general manager is he? You know, he’d better watch his step, because I may just come and take his job one day.”

With regards to Ziggler losing the star-spangled championship, Vickie was visibly devastated as she recalled the blond blowhard’s U.S. Title collision with The Long Island Iced-Z. Before Sunday night, Ziggler was the longest reigning champion currently in WWE. (PHOTOS)

“I miss the title,” Vickie said with a frown. “Tables, Ladders & Chairs was supposed to be a big pay-per-view for us. But you know what? We’re going to pick up the pieces and persevere.”

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