The BIGGEST battles in WWE history

The BIGGEST battles in WWE history

Giants have been one of sports-entertainment’s most popular attractions since the 1950s when plodding behemoths like Happy Humphrey and Haystacks Calhoun used their ample girth to break canvases across the country. Andre the Giant changed the game in the 1970s when he proved that a big man could actually move. Today, massive Superstars like Big Show and Kane are taking it even further by throwing their weight around in ways never thought possible. (PHOTOS)

With The World’s Largest Athlete set to square off with World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry at WWE TLC, (MATCH PREVIEW) decided to weigh in on some of the most gargantuan big man battles in WWE history. Surprisingly, none of them occurred in the buffet line at Golden Corral.

embedcolon25049414The Undertaker vs. Giant Gonzales

Total combined weight: 755 pounds

From the 450-pound King Kong Bundy to the monstrous Kane, The Undertaker has felled more giants than any Superstar in WWE history, but none of The Deadman’s opponents matched the towering height of the 8-foot-tall Giant Gonzales. A man-beast from the mountains of Argentina, Gonzales looked like a Ripley’s Believe It or Not! exhibit come to life and nearly dealt The Undertaker his first loss on The Grandest Stage of Them All when the heavy hitters clashed at WrestleMania IX. Of course, The Demon from Death Valley survived — as he always does — and went on to lay the giant to rest for good at SummerSlam in 1993.

Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Bastion Boogerembedcolon25049410

Total combined weight: 791 pounds

Shortlisted by greats like Bret “Hit Man” Hart as one of the most gifted big men of all time, Bam Bam Bigelow busted scales at 390 pounds, but he could cartwheel and moonsault like a cruiserweight. Bastion Booger, on the other hand, was just a guy who liked to abuse his make-your-own-sundae bar privileges. In January of 1994, the superheavyweights tested the integrity of the Raw ring after Bam Bam caught the human garbage can slobbering over his main squeeze, the unpredictable Luna Vachon. Bigelow flicked Booger in a few minutes, but it took the ring crew hours to clean up the stains the ogre left behind.

embedcolon25049407Big Show vs. The Great Khali

Total combined weight: 861 pounds

The World’s Largest Athlete and The Punjabi Titan could have formed a friendship based on a shared love of roomy slacks and a mutual hatred of compact cars. Instead, they became heated rivals who clashed in grand fashion at Backlash in 2008. Looking to reclaim his spot as WWE's giant after losing to Floyd Mayweather at WrestleMania, the 7-footer targeted the biggest dog in the yard — The Great Khali. The colossus tried to prevent the bout by offering his opponent a chicken and a goat as a peace offering, but no farm animal could save Khali from the beating he received.

embedcolon25049413Andre the Giant vs. Big John Studd

Total combined weight: 905 pounds

Andre the Giant was born big in the French Alps in 1946 and grew, quite literally, to become one of sports-entertainment's greatest attractions. Few were foolish enough to challenge Andre’s spot as WWE’s true giant, but the powerful Big John Studd did just that at the inaugural WrestleMania in 1985. He quickly learned this was a mistake. Although he was a Royal Rumble winner who weighed nearly 400 pounds, Studd looked downright preadolescent in the shadow of The Eighth Wonder of the World. Few were shocked when The Giant quickly disposed of Big John.

embedcolon25049409Big Show vs. Akebono

Total combined weight: 999 pounds

A legitimate sumo wrestling champion in Japan, the 500-plus pound Akebono stomped into L.A.’s Staples Center to battle Big Show in WrestleMania’s first Sumo Match in 2005. The results weren’t pretty. That’s not to say the bout was bad — even though it was awkward and lasted a little longer than a minute. No, it was the sight of two men who collectively weigh as much as a Kia dressed in nothing but adult diapers that made this one of the ugliest scraps of all time.

embedcolon25049408Vader vs. Yokozuna

Total combined weight: 1050 pounds

One of sports-entertainment’s hardest hitting competitors, Vader did not face many opponents who could challenge his immense size — that was until he met Yokozuna. Standing 6-foot-4 and weighing well over 600 pounds, the sumo wrestler was the largest man to ever hold the WWE Championship and a problem for every Superstar he faced. Outsized and outmatched by the mighty Yokozuna, The Rocky Mountain Mastodon avoided his opponent when the two behemoths collided at In Your House: Beware of Dog in 1996 before stealing a win thanks to the help of his eely manager, Jim Cornette.

embedcolon25049411ECW’s Monster Mash Battle Royal

Total combined weight: 1569 pounds

If the combined strength of The Great Khali, Kane and Big Daddy V couldn’t stop Mark Henry, how does Big Show expect to do it? Facing these behemoths in ECW’s epic Monster Mash Battle Royal on October 30, 2007, the gatekeeper of the Hall of Pain showed his awesome power by manhandling The Punjabi Titan before flinging The Big Red Monster over the top rope like he was taking out the trash. It was a scary reminder that The World Strongest Man isn't just a nickname.


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