Here come the voices

Here come the voices

On WGN America this Thursday night, WWE Champion Randy Orton made his "WWE Superstars" debut in a match against Primo. Also, John Morrison fought Tyson Kidd just one day before facing Jeff Hardy for the World Heavyweight Title, while William Regal sought retribution for his loss to Yoshi Tatsu last week on ECW.

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WWE Champion Randy Orton def. Primo
Only four days after pinning John Cena to retain his title and three days after finding out he'll have to defend it against the former champion again at SummerSlam, The Legend Killer debuted on "WWE Superstars" and made an example of Primo. As he said prior to the match, Orton intended on dissecting the second-generation Superstar in the ring and did just that, leaving Cena with much to think about. It wasn't a one-sided match by any means as Primo surprised The Viper with his quick offense, but once Orton had his sights set on the athletic, young Superstar, it was only a matter of time before he hit the RKO. Once The Legend Killer struck, he hooked Primo's leg for the 1-2-3 and headed to the locker room knowing that if Cena was watching, then his message was delivered loud and clear.

William Regal def. Yoshi Tatsu (PHOTOS | WATCH)
An in-ring veteran like the Englishman will never be happy with a loss, especially when it comes after facing Yoshi Tatsu. This week on "WWE Superstars," Regal achieved redemption by defeating the young Japanese Superstar. Tatsu has quickly proven himself to be a formidable opponent in the ring as the Blackpool, England, native found out. However, Regal was much more pleased with the result of this week's match because, while Yoshi was bent over favoring his leg, the Englishman devastated him with a vicious knee to his head leading to the pinfall.

John Morrison def. Tyson Kidd (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Just one night before he would fight for World Heavyweight gold, The Friday Night Delight had his hands full with The Hart Dynasty and overcoming the faction by pinning Tyson Kidd. At times, it looked a little like David Hart Smith & Natalya's presence at ringside might play into the outcome of the match, but after they both shielded Kidd from Morrison on the outside, the referee had no choice but to send them packing back to the locker room. In the end, despite a hard-fought brawl from his opponent, The Shaman of Sexy tasted victory by nailing the Starship Pain on Kidd.

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