Divas make 'Superstars' debut

Divas make 'Superstars' debut

This week's "WWE Superstars" on WGN America showed off the results of WWE's recent Draft. Raw newcomer and Unified Tag Team Champion Carlito faced The Legacy's Ted DiBiase, while some of SmackDown's newest Divas met some of the Sexiest Women of Friday nights. Also, the rivalry between Evan Bourne and the Burchills got even more Extreme.

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Michelle McCool & Alicia Fox def. Gail Kim & Maria (PHOTOS | WATCH)
As Gail Kim was propelling herself from the always-dangerous second rope, Michelle caught the tenacious Diva with a vicious kick to the face, delivering enough force to give the former Divas Champion the huge victory. Michelle reaffirmed herself as one of the top Divas in WWE while giving Alicia Fox a taste of success in her first match since being drafted to SmackDown. 

Evan Bourne def. Paul Burchill (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Still furious after his loss to Evan Bourne on last week's ECW on Sci Fi, Paul Burchill and his devious sister, Katie Lea, returned to the Land of the Extreme looking for some retribution. ECW's interim General Manager, Tiffany, granted Paul his wish -- a rematch against "Air" Bourne on this week's "WWE Superstars." But Burchill didn't exactly get his revenge. The high-flying Bourne once again proved to be superior, landing another perfect Shooting Star Press against the Englishman and pinning him for the "WWE Superstars" victory, much to the dismay of a ringside Katie Lea.

Ted DiBiase def. WWE Unified Tag Team Champion Carlito (PHOTOS | WATCH)
On the surface, the members of The Legacy and the WWE Unified Tag Team Champions have a lot in common: Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase and Carlito & Primo are all multi-generational Superstars possessing phenomenal natural ability. However, as pointed out by DiBiase & Rhodes, the brothers from San Juan have the WWE Unified Tag Team Titles, something The Legacy has plans of changing. WWE Champion Randy Orton's cohorts took the first step toward securing their own championship gold on WWE Superstars, as Ted DiBiase squared off against Carlito. Though it was a hard-fought match, filled with reversals and the WWE Unified Tag Team Champion's high-flying maneuvers, it was the "Priceless" Superstar who emerged victorious, further securing he and his group's legacy.

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