All mixed up

All mixed up

With two weeks to go until WWE Breaking Point, Superstars and Divas from Raw, SmackDown and ECW waged war on another amazing edition of "WWE Superstars." From a David and Goliath showdown between the high-flying Evan Bourne and "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters to a wild Six-Person Mixed Tag Team Match, tonight's show lived up to the "WWE Superstars" promise — expect everything.

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Evan Bourne def. "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters (Photos | Watch)
On paper, it looked like it was going to be a rough night for Raw's resident high-flyer, Evan Bourne. Up against a much larger opponent in Chris Masters, Bourne was clearly the underdog going into tonight's contest, but the explosive Superstar wasn't about to back down. As expected, The Masterpiece controlled the early part of the bout, dominating Bourne with wrenching submissions, but "Air" Bourne began to mount a comeback. Using his unique offense to take Masters off his feet, Bourne found an opportunity to hit the top rope and execute a breathtaking Shooting Star Press. The amazing maneuver is exactly what Bourne needed to stop the hulking Chris Masters and pull off a huge victory. 

William Regal def. Tyler Reks (Photos | Watch)
Flanked by the monstrous Vladimir Kozlov and Ezekiel Jackson, William Regal walked to the ring with the air of a British royal and then proceeded to attack ECW's Tyler Reks with all the aggression of a barroom brawler. Executing the brutal holds he learned on the rough streets of Blackpool, England, Regal dominated the young ECW competitor and claimed another victory. But Reks' bad night didn't end there. After Regal scored the win, Jackson and Kozlov entered the ring and delivered a series of devastating maneuvers to the surfing Superstar. Can ECW Champion Christian expect the same fate on next Tuesday's ECW on Syfy?

The Hart Dynasty def. Cryme Tyme and Eve in a Six-Person Mixed Tag Team Match (Photos | Watch)
Tonight's Six-Person Mixed Tag Team Match, pitting Cryme Tyme & Eve against Tyson Kidd, David Hart Smith and Natalya, was one of the rare occasions in which Superstars and Divas occupy the squared circle at the same time. This unique stipulation clearly benefited The Hart Dynasty, a trio who has been together since their training days in the legendary Hart Family Dungeon in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Utilizing the technical skills they learned at the educated hands of Bret Hart, The Dynasty was able to stop the explosive offense of Cryme Tyme and control the flow of the match. In the end, Natalya managed to pin Eve to score a big victory for her team in the main event of "WWE Superstars."

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