Serious summer slams

Serious summer slams

With "WWE Superstars" airing on WGN America just three days before SummerSlam, things were bound to heat up, and they did just that with four hard-hitting matches including a main event pitting Mark Henry against Chris Masters in a battle between two of WWE's strongest ring warriors.

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Beth Phoenix def. Kelly Kelly (PHOTOS | WATCH)
There's no better way to start a summer night than a match between two of WWE's sexy, smart and powerful Divas. Kelly Kelly may disagree with that fact as she was on the losing side of action after being laid out with the Glam Slam. Kelly Kelly did everything she could to counteract The Glamazon's intimidating strength, but in the end, she was caught in Beth's grasp and subdued by her power. Could this be Phoenix's ascent back to the top of the Raw Divas division?

Shelton Benjamin def. Tyler Reks (PHOTOS | WATCH)
An amazing back-and-forth match saw The Gold Standard use his veteran knowledge to come out victorious against the up-and-coming Tyler Reks. While every WWE Superstar is extremely athletic, not many are on the level of these two competitors. The battle they fought was a stunning display of both men's in-ring abilities but in the end, it was Benjamin's Paydirt that capped it all off and gave him the win.

R-Truth def. Charlie Haas (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Haas may not like it, but after Thursday night, we're pretty sure he knows "What's up?!" In a match pitting Truth's street fighting skills against the Seton Hall alumnus' collegiate wrestling background, it was up in the air as to who would be the one coming out on top. In the end, it was an impressive maneuver by the Charlotte, N.C., native that saw Truth get the pinfall over Haas.

Mark Henry def. Chris Masters via count-out (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Both Mark Henry and Chris Masters are known as powerhouses, but as shown on "WWE Superstars," Henry is recognized as The World's Strongest Man for a reason. Though Masters threw everything he had at the smiling Raw Superstar, including three separate Master Lock attempts, it was The Masterpiece who was left decimated with a World's Strongest Slam. However, instead of getting the pin, Henry had to watch as Masters stumbled up the entrance ramp to the locker room as the referee counted him out. Although The World's Strongest Man would have preferred it to have been a pinfall, he was still grinning from ear to ear as his arm was raised.

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