Demolishing returns

Demolishing returns

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Tyler Reks def. Chris Masters (WATCH | PHOTOS)
The integrity of the WWE ring was tested tonight when two of SmackDown's most powerful Superstars clashed in an extremely hard-hitting main event. Smashing into each other like two elephants fighting for dominance, Chris Masters and Tyler Reks weren't interested in pulling off fancy technical maneuvers in this bout. Instead, they battered one another until one man was unable to continue. Tonight, it was the ominous Reks who weathered the offensive storm and stood supreme. Known as the "Demolition Man" for good reason, the big man managed to overpower Masters and nail his feared "Burning Hammer" to claim the hard-fought win.

William Regal def. David Hart Smith (WATCH | PHOTOS)
As a former tag team specialist, David Hart Smith is just beginning to test the waters as a singles competitor. Tonight, the third-generation Superstar was hit by a tidal wave in the form of William Regal. In a classic battle of youth against experience, the former WWE Tag Team Champion attempted to use his power and size to overwhelm The British Brawler. But Regal's decades of mat experience were simply too much for his young opponent to combat. After targeting Smith's knee for the entire bout, the appalling Englishman finally drove the point of his knee into the Raw Superstar's temple to score the pin.

The Usos def. Yoshi Tatsu & Darren Young (WATCH | PHOTOS)
In a rematch from last Thursday's edition of "WWE Superstars," the upstart tag team of Yoshi Tatsu & Darren Young attempted to gain retribution against The Usos after last week's loss to the devastating duo. Working together with the chemistry of long-time partners, Yoshi & Young kept Jimmy & Jey on the ropes for much of the contest, but, in the end, the experience of The Usos won out yet again. After a double-team assault on the Japanese Superstar, Jimmy nailed a big splash on Tatsu to score his team their second consecutive victory.

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