All about Eve

All about Eve

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Eve def. Alicia Fox (WATCH | PHOTOS)
All of the Divas on the WWE roster are competitive, but few are as vicious as Alicia Fox. Athletic and tough with a mean streak a mile long, the Florida native has the ability and the will to tear her opponents apart and the gorgeous Eve was fully aware of this going into tonight's bout. In fact, Eve had experienced this brutality before when Alicia won her Divas Championship in a Fatal 4-Way Match in June. But instead of being intimidated by The Foxy Floridian, Eve came prepared. After fighting through all of Alicia's devastating strikes, the Brazilian jiu-jitsu expert found the opportunity to go for a huge moonsault and nailed the high-risk maneuver for the win. 

Ezekiel Jackson def. Zack Ryder (WATCH | PHOTOS)
On the Nov. 1 edition of Raw from New York's Nassau Coliseum, Zack Ryder received a terrible homecoming when he was brutalized by Ezekiel Jackson. The Long Island Loudmouth clearly had that beating in mind when he stepped into the ring with Big Zeke tonight. Displaying a mean streak not often seen, the arrogant Ryder attacked his oversized opponent with a primal rage, but the Raw Superstar's assault simply wasn't enough. The Guyanese Goliath simply weathered the offense storm before driving Ryder into the mat to claim another victim.

Trent Barreta def. Curt Hawkins (WATCH | PHOTOS)
In the past few weeks on "WWE Superstars," Curt Hawkins and Trent Barreta have traded victories in a pair of heated contests. But the animosity between these rivals extends far beyond the squared circle. Former friends and training partners, the SmackDown Superstars built up a hostility toward each other that fully showed itself in tonight's brutal match. Hungry for victory, Hawkins hit Barreta with everything he had, but his talented opponent would not be denied. After scoring with a breathtaking moonsault on the outside of the ring, Barreta nailed a wild tornado DDT to win tonight's battle — and the war.

Tyler Reks def. JTG (WATCH | PHOTOS)
When it comes to swagger, few Superstars in the SmackDown locker-room can compare to JTG. But it takes more than style and flash to beat a monster as menacing as Tyler Reks. Still, the Brooklyn native refused to let Reks' growing infamy intimidate him and took a fun-loving approach to the contest. JTG was so lighthearted, he even took the time to throw a pair of dice into the WWE Universe during the match. This confidence ultimately led to JTG's downfall, however, as Reks hit the destructive "Burning Hammer" for the victory.

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