Vivacious victory

Vivacious victory

This week on "WWE Superstars" airing on WGN America, ring warriors from all three brands competed in three hard-hitting matches including an outstanding bout pitting R-Truth against Dolph Ziggler.

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R-Truth def. Dolph Ziggler (PHOTOS | WATCH)
A lesson to the WWE Universe: Having a positive attitude subdues self-centeredness and insensitivity.

A while back, Ziggler promised to become a World Champion. But, it appears his braggadocios ways may be interfering.

The egotistical Superstar didn't appear to learn his lesson when he scrapped with R-Truth on "WWE Superstars." Unlike boasting his physique or playing with his hair like his narcissistic opponent, R-Truth focused on tactics. The animated competitor, as a result, secured an impressive triumph after dialing up an emphatic Lie Detector.

Vladimir Kozlov def. Goldust (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Vladimir Kozlov can't afford to be slothful in any way after what happened on ECW on Syfy this week, especially with his devious Ruthless Roundtable leader, William Regal, watching his every move and his tumultuous associate, Ezekiel Jackson, furious about the recent events.

"The Moscow Mauler" looked like a pitiless, yet prudent, gladiator when he challenged Goldust on "WWE Superstars." The terrorizing Superstar annihilated "The Bizarre One," finishing off his opponent with a bone-crushing body slam. Seemingly impressed with his minion's performance, The British Brawler stood pompously inside the ring with Kozlov and proceeded to hit Goldust with a Knee Trembler.

U.S. Champ The Miz def. Santino Marella (PHOTOS | WATCH)
It remains unclear who will be the next No. 1 contender for the U.S. Title. But in the meantime, the self-proclaimed "Awesome One" continues to dominate the competition.

After leading his team at Survivor Series to an imposing triumph over Intercontinental Champ and former tag team partner John Morrison's troop, The Miz challenged the humorous, yet in-the-ring worthy, Santino Marella on "WWE Superstars." Despite taking some punishment from the comedic challenger, the conceited Superstar managed to control the momentum most of the way, finishing his opponent with a vicious Skull Crushing Finale. 

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