Girl power

Girl power

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Melina & Gail Kim def. Alicia Fox & Maryse (WATCH | PHOTOS)
After three rough and ugly battles, "WWE Superstars" got a much-needed dose of beauty as four of Raw's most gorgeous Divas locked up in a fast-paced tag bout. Still on commentary, CM Punk predicted that Fox & Maryse would win the match, because they were "rotten human beings." But the former World Heavyweight Champion's backhanded compliment didn't come true as the talented team of Melina & Gail came out on top after the screaming Diva rolled up Maryse for the 1-2-3.

Yoshi Tatsu def. Primo (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Before these exciting competitors locked up, "WWE Superstars" received a surprising visit from CM Punk who sat in with Scott Stanford on commentary during this spirited bout. Although he immediately called his broadcast partner "Steve," The Straight Edge Savior did a fine job of chronicling the action between two of Raw's most up-and-coming Superstars. Quick and aggressive, Primo ruthlessly battered Tatsu and even took a moment to high-five CM Punk after nailing a vicious maneuver on Yoshi. But the Puerto Rican Superstar's arrogance couldn't net him the win. In the end, The Cardiac Kid scored with a huge kick off the top rope to pick up his second straight win on "WWE Superstars."

Trent Barreta def. Curt Hawkins (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Two of SmackDown's most promising young Superstars, Trent Barreta and Curt Hawkins are no strangers to one another — both trained together in the same gym for WWE and have locked up in both tag and singles action many times before. This familiarity lent itself to an exciting back-and-forth contest tonight as each competitor seemed to know what their opponent was going to do before they did it. But Barreta finally took Hawkins by surprise when he nailed him with a devastating springboard DDT to earn a very well-deserved victory.

Chavo Guerrero def. JTG (WATCH | PHOTOS)
As a member of the legendary Guerrero family, Chavo Guerrero was practically raised on a wrestling mat, developing an amazing in-ring style that has garnered him a number of championships in WWE. But that hasn't stopped the self-proclaimed "Mexican Warrior" from lying, cheating and stealing in order to win. Up against the talented and unorthodox JTG, Guerrero utilized everything in his book of tricks, including devastating lucha moves and underhanded low blows behind the official's back. This aggressive style paid off in the end as Chavo nailed a big frog splash to defeat the Brooklyn Superstar.

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